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The Imperial Proclamation
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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
4:25 am
Dr. Q is In
 Dr. Q in the house? Perhaps. Spent the afternoon lounging around the pool with Whittles, Fogle, Marissa, and Allison at House W and it was quite comfortable. The water was warm while the air was cool. Nice combo. Afterwards, we chilled until everyone pretty much left. I tried to help whittles clean up his PC, but it didnt seem to help and he wound up having to reinstall Steam AND his other programs! Lamesauce ensued and it was then that whittles seemed to break down a bit.  Pretty much just told him to believe in himself and think of all the successes he accomplished. Active listening, eat your heart out. I just hope that it helped.

Lately, I've discovered that Mr. Hunt is quite the fan of the Age of Empires series. Had I known that earlier, I might have tried to organize some gameage while we were still in college! But then again, we would never have been able to play so much MTG, Settlers, Halo, or Arkham, so no foul.

Got an interview lined up with one of the Americorps programs Thusday, specifically the DC Reads program. I'm crossing my fingers. Just a little bit peeved that none of the other places I sent apps haven't even given so much as an acknowledgment. I want to assume that it's because they're busy, but seriously. A simple email would really be nice.
Tried to start reading Battle Royale today but for some reason I couldn't get past the first chapter. It's not that the book was bad, it's just the idea of reading in general. Am I just too lazy to read now? Too fidgety? I do miss being able to just power through a decently sized novel in a matter of hours / days.

Current Mood: creative
Sunday, May 8th, 2011
3:09 am
New Developments
Things at the Smithfield Little Theatre (SLT) are going great so far! A lot of funny stuff on and off-stage. Tonight, Carrie, the girl playing Reno Sweeny(?) was late coming in at the end due to wardrobe malfunctions: the back part of her faux-Chinese dress had a busted zipper so the poor guys backstage were trying to no avail to safety pin her dress. So, for a good minute, everyone onstage was wondering where the hell "Plum Blossom" was. Hilarious? I think so.

After-party at Mike Wilard's was great! Some people dug the plum wine I brought, others did not. Guess it's too sweet and un-wine like for some people. I think I personally drank nearly half the damn bottle!!!! Talking with other cast members was great, and I feel like I already miss being able to work with them, what with my aspirations for "greater things." Talking about Mike and comparing my days at UVA with his back in the 70s was awesome and it made me want to go back and see Grounds from a different perspective. Wahoowa indeed. Jeff the assistant stage manager and Reverend Howard were also hilarious with their stories from past productions. I am now known as "Asian of the Year."

Recently I've purchased a shit-ton of DVDs. I guess losing all my data in hard drives made me want hard copies. Here's the rundown:

1. The Wire Complete Series -I am so glad I got this show. Besides being a 30+gig torrent, it just feels right having the discs. This is the sort of show that deserves to be taught in college course. Lo and behold, it is. And getting the box set for $50 on Ebay really sweetened the deal. Take THAT, $100+ price tag!
2. Daria Complete Series -Another 'complete' series, I just had to get this 90s MTV animation classic. Sadly, no more great 90s soundtrack due to legal bullshit, but at least the clever writing is all there. I think my sister's going to love this show. Also acquired via Ebay bidding war at $20.
3. Tales From the Crypt Seasons 1-4: Now this is another show that really stuck in my head ever since I was in middle school. I'd always watch the intro but would be too creeped out to watch the actual episodes. Now, they are just good, gorey fun. Not to self: find the comic book reprints that DC made. Seaons 5-7 will have to wait, although I am aware season 5 was the series' high-water mark.
4. Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-3: Re-imagined BSG redefined my view of sci-fi television. Dangerously real and extremely well-acted, it had some of the most memorable characters ever. This was the closest thing to a spiritual cousin to Firefly. Space battles were also spectacular when they happened, with CGI also made by people from the Firefly production team. Seaons 4 and 4.5 in the future?
Things to do: Finish up application to Americorps. Cross fingers.

Current Mood: drunk
Sunday, April 24th, 2011
2:08 am
5 Years Ago On This Rock....
First of all, I'm not sure whether to be happy or angry that my LJ is still up. I had completely forgotten about the damn thing since I graduated high school. Second, I can't believe it's been 5 years to the day I stopped posting (which was the day after my 18th birthday).

Am I wiser than I was before? I'd like to think so. Crazier? Definitely. So time to bring past-self up-to-speed with 10 updates:

1. I graduated from UVA with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Drama. I met some great people there, and most are facebook friends, if that really means anything.
2. I am currently working as a substitute teacher and tutor, while doing community theatre on the side. Sometimes I end up being more childish than my students.
3. I am still living in my parents' house (not basement, fortunately). I plan on moving out within a year (fingers are crossed).
4. I love alcohol. And I have indulged in a lot of other things I swore would never do in high school.  :)
5. I want to do voice acting professionally. I want to work for Americorps / Peacecorps.
6. Despite all the dates I've been on I have remained happily single since college graduation. Yay?
7. My hat and trench coat collection has grown considerably. My high school dream of having an actual fedora and actual bowler hat has been fulfilled. Many, many times over.
8. I now have a car and drive. This problem was a HUGE deal to High School Me.
9. I used to be incredibly religious (Catholic to be exact). This has changed instead to a healthy appreciation for the rituals and pomp of organized religion. I currently remain sympathetic to the Catholic Church, though I do love Suffi spiritualism as well as Buddhist teachings.
10. I have become a deadpan snarker. For reference: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeadpanSnarker
So there you have it. Will I keep updating this damn thing again? Perhaps. Until then,
Quilpa out

Current Mood: nostalgic
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
12:39 am
YAY I'm 18. SWEET!
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
12:28 am
The Preppy Fight Goes On and On....
It's been a while since I've been able to get online. My excuse? Crapload of stuff to do. My recent past in review:

Finishing up final preparations for Homecoming. All this drama about how the school is forbidding bumping n grinding is really pissing me off. I swear to god, if I hear any more words about boycotting homecoming, I'm going to blow a fuse. I really fucking will.

New classes this semester. Here they are:

AP Government
Honors Bioethics/ Morality
AP Calculus
AP English

Grades came in yesterday, and I was pleasantly relieved. Got B+'s in Honors Physics and Programming. Dunno how the hell I managed to pull it off, but I did. Got A's in AP English and Film Class, so I can't complain.

"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" is 2 weeks from now and I am somewhat worried. Why you may ask? Well, I guess my worries lie with the fact that IT'S 2 FUCKING WEEKS FROM NOW!!!!

So there you have it.
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
3:02 pm
1st Post of the New Year!
Well ladies and gents, a New Year has come. 2006, the year of graduation, the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac. Anyways, Happy New Year to everyone!

December 31st, Fogle and Brian came over to Castle Quilpenstein. We watched the "Red Dawn" DVD I got and partook of a grand feast. Fogle showed off his K'Nex Rubber band gun and my parents were thorougly impressed. Later, Fogle, Brian and I took a grand mini-road trip through Suffolk, Smithfield, Porstmouth, and Carrolton. We saw abandoned old houses, visited quaint provisions stores, and saw "Orthanc," this enormous communications tower that rose high up into the Suffolk sky. At its tip were three prongs, echoing the classic Isengard landmark. A sight to behold indeed! We even paid a short visited to Mal's house. She gave each of us little presents. Brian and Fogle both got these German books, while I got a *ahem* porn DVD. According to her, she and JT got it at the Asian Market. It was a 2 for $19.99 deal. My, my the Asian Market. you can get anything there! No idea why I got it but a gift is a gift nevertheless!

Throughout the car ride, the members of the Fogle-Whitenton-Quilpa Triumvirate each squared off in a music face-off. For those unaccustomed to the idea, a music face-off is essentially where each person of the trip brings their own collection of CDs. Then, each person takes turns trying to top the other person in music choice by playing a song off a CD. There is never a winner!

After the road oddyssey, spent time with family just before the dropping of the Times Square New Year ball. We drove the demons out of the house by opening windows, turning on all the lights, playing loud music, and banging on pots and pans. Always a fun tradition. Then we partook of other Filipino traditions (arranging fruits in circles, eating food, all that other stuff). Twas fun indeed. Then called everyone up and wished a New Year to all.

Well, the notion that we must return to PC is slightly depressing, but at least I can catch up with some of the people I haven't seen.

School work = Bleh.
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, December 25th, 2005
12:52 pm
Merry Christmas!!!

Alright comrades, it has been a while since my last declaration, declamation, proclamation, initiation, or exclamation. Stay tuned to this station, cause its the only one in this nation that features the man who fears castration, nuclear devastation, decimation, and government instigation and investigation, but not masturbation nor emmanations of radiation. Show not your indignation, harbor only gratification for my grand imagination leaves a tingling sensation in whoever hears my incantation.

OK I think I'm done for now :p

It truly has been a while since my last post, so I have much to report concerning my life in the relatively recent past. It may be long cause I dunno how to do a LJ cut (I should learn, but I'm too freaking lazy right now) Here's the scoop:

P.F. Chang's
Went Changin' on Friday, and that was fun. It was Randy's birthday. At 1st Phil was supposed to take me to P.F. Chang's but lo and behold, he couldn't come. Luckily Randy took me there (what a guy :p) so all was well. Liz, Nia, and Tommy boy were already there, so we just had to wait for Kasey. Surprisingly, it was an incredibly short wait to get to a table (1 hour, WTF?!?!?). The waiter seemed to have it out for Randy, Nia, and I for various reasons. Randy cause it was his birthday and he asked for a free desert, Nia cause of a laundry joke that sounded racist (colored and white don't match!) and me cause I asked the waiter for boxes to store the entrees. We have made a powerful enemy....
Later we went to Coldstones over at Harborview (had to see Phil and Eddie there) so I had to ride with Nia and direct her. Some help I was. I might as well have been sleeping. But at least we eventually got to Harborview which was great.

Drama (on-stage)
The "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol" play was a success. It was great being Marley (specially when I come to haunt Scrooge). Now on to "Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead!" (basically a mockery of Shakespeare's "Hamlet") Being the Player King is such a fun role. Sure JT and Matt get the lead roles, but my supporting character has all the crude sexual humor! Quote fromt the Player King: "We can do you rapiers, rape -or both!"

Alright, learned that Nia and Kasey are going to UVA too, which is sweet. Lord knows we'll probably get sick of each other eventually (just kidding Nia, much love). We have planned to have midnight meals at least once a week. We might as well call ourselves "The Cult of the Spork" or something cheesy like that (I have heard though that the cafeteria over at UVA serves excellent macaroni and cheese).

For the science project, built 2 trebuchets (basically big catapults that use counterweights, sort of like the ones defending Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) with Mal, Kasey, and Brian. We alternated work between my house and Mal's house. Thankfully, Mal's boyfriend Antonidus (really Anthony, but who cares?) helped us a lot. We didn't win, but at least we built em!

Christmas Presents
Got a load of awesome presents so far and I haven't opened all of em yet. A brief survey of gifts recieved is as follows:
Uncle Zaldy: $50
Mom & Dad: Crapload of books (but good books, including several "Bathroom Readers")
Brian: a 365 day calendar featuring "The Art of War"
Alex: a Lord of the Rings mini calendar
Nia and Mal: the book "50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know" and some sugar cookies
Kasey and Randy: an enormous book of quotes
Phil: an AMC gift card
Nick: a Suncoast gift card
Myself (yeah I know, so sue me): "Maladroit" CD by Weezer (my collection is nearly complete!)

Thanks to everybody! I hope you all enjoyed the CDs I got you!

Flushed with Christmas Cider.
Merry Christmas to all!
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: In the Christmas Spirit
Sunday, December 4th, 2005
12:12 am
Drama practice was great. Mr. Cox actually cried watching my performance (no seriously) and it was for a good reason! The play ("Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol") is this coming week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and I just hope that everything will be ready. Wait a minute, who am I kidding? Nothing is ever TRULY ready until the performance even begins! Lately, Thomas has just been a real jerk just coming and leaving practice not knowing his lines. I swear, I am actually glad this will be the last production he will be involved in.

Finally got the Weezer "Green Album"! After drama practice, JT and I had to take Matt to Ruby Tuesdays to meet up with some of his friends. It was a bunch of juniors I didn't really care to know. Then we went to the FYE in Chesapeake Square, which is where I got the Weezer CD. "Green" exceeded all my expectations and of course, I'm rocking out to the damned thing. 1 more album ("Maladroit"), and my Weezer collection will be basically complete (not including deluxe albums and singles CDs).

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
8:47 pm
Heck Yes
Name: Quilpa, Andrew
Account: QuilpaA06
Application Fee Received: Yes
Application Fee Date: October 31, 2005

Early Decision: Conditions Agreed To on 10/31/2005
Application Status: Offered Admission

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Virginia! We recognize your distinguished achievements and express our confidence in your continued success. On behalf of the Admission Committee, it is our pleasure to extend this offer of admission to you. We have placed an offer packet in the mail and hope you will receive it shortly.

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
2:06 pm
Thanksgiving Break!
'Tis been a while since my last post. College stuff and more busy work have kept me from posting but at least I'm back.

Have this horrible cough and a sore throat right now which totally bites. At least it's not so bad that it keeps me from eating, but it's a bitch trying to talk to anyone. The thera-flu should do the trick.

Yesterday was the Junior/ Senior showdown that happens every year before Thanksgiving break. As usual, I was asked to be the MC and announcer for the event. I swear, I have no idea what they'll do once I'm gone. Of course, the seniors won (HELL YES) in nearly all the competitions except for the male cheerleading and ladies' football (yeah we totally lost the powderpuff aspect). I got this tricked-out red coat that was very reminiscint of the British troops. Drama practice was after school, but so many people forgot. Incredibly, it was one of the best practices ever because the missing people are usually the ones responsible for slowing down practice.

Tried to find the Green Album by Weezer, but couldn't find the damn thing. Hopefully, I can find it on Black Friday for cheap.

So yeah, right now is a pretty slow day. Uncle Zaldy came over cause its his birthday. And, I just wanna lay in my room till I feel better. Guess I should finish up my application to William and Mary....

Quilpa out

Current Mood: lethargic
Friday, November 4th, 2005
6:25 pm
Sweet! Another Victory!
Alright, I got this e-mail. Woop woop, that's at least 1 college!

Hi Andrew!

I have to say I am quit impressed with your application. So way to go….you have been ADMITTED! I hope that you choose CNU as the institution to continue your education in. You should be receiving a letter in the mail shortly....

The forensics meet last night was awesome. Nick and I managed to get 1st place in Duo Interp, even though we messed up in the 3rd round. Luck shines upon us!

In another ironic twist, I'm senior of the month. I would be able to get my own parking space for the whole month, but I don't drive my own vehicle. D'OH! Well, I guess I'll dole out the days of the month to my allies.

Major sweetness,
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
11:06 pm
A Stalingrad
Well, finished the application for early action (or is it early decision? I get confused :-p ) to UVA (aka "The Grape") 2 days ago, and I must say, it feels great to have that burden lifted off my shoulders. I may be a Cavalier yet....

More excellent news. Learned from Ms. Tolosa that she has curved the Physics exam grades and has added 10 points to the exam grade for everyone. GO MS. T!!!

Too happy to speak
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, October 28th, 2005
12:37 am
Don't Want this to turn into an emo post. I REFUSE!!!!

Well, results came back on the Phyiscs mid-term exam, and yes: I got a 75. It is indeed an unfortunate setback for me. I can't really put my finger on how I felt at the time. It was a mixture of horror, regret, and strangely, relief. Horror, at the sight of such an abominable score; regret in that I felt that I should've done more studying; and relief in that I finally found the dark fruits of my labors. It was indeed disheartening to recieve such a death blow, but I still feel a glimmer of hope. It is still the 1st quarter. It may have ended in defeat for me, but there is still 1 more quarter to change everything around. It can be done. I have done it before.

On another note, the English test was quite easy. The programming exam was pretty easy too. After exams, went with Brian (and his brother, John), Fogle, Kasey (and the kid she was carpooling), Thomas, and Randy (and the kid he was carpooling) to Schlotzky's Deli. It was the first time I had ever stepped into the place. The pizzas there aren't too bad. Afterwards, Randy drove me home. He had Backstreet Boys in the CD player (WHAT!?!?!?), so I was like "What the hell, why not?" and joined him in a round of "Larger Than Life" and other such crap. What can I say? They guy knows how to entertain.

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: disheartened
Friday, October 7th, 2005
11:15 pm
Update on my Life
I've been busy. To say the least, much has been accomplished (some stuff I'm proud of, others not so). What I'm not proud of: having had to go on about 4 hours of sleep per day over the length of 3 days. Not cool. I'll try to recap some major stuff:

The Leadership Meeting at William & Mary (Last Friday, Sat, and Sun)featured hardly any leadership. I'm serious. However, spending 2 nights in the dorms was pretty cool. That is to say, I hardly slept. It turns out that the entire campus is populated by insomniacs (what a conincidence, so is PC!). I was able to check out the WaWa with some Freshmen there. I walked all the way to the bookstore in Merchants' Square and snagged a much sought-after Weezer CD ("Pinkerton," the band's sophomore effort). Can you believe it was actually labeled "The Worst Album of 1996" bt The Rolling Stones? Those bastards.... Oh yeah, there was a rock concert outside my dorm, and I got to see Jason (a friend of mine who's in a band with me, Anthony, and Donnie). He was insanely kickass on the bass. On the last night I was there, some drunk fratboy stumbled into my dorm and asked, "SSSSSoooo whatttt do you think 'bout this placce?" and then stubled out. Hilarious.


Oktoberfest (today) was loads of fun. My whole thought process centered around the idea that, "It's my last year here, so I might as well go nuts playing the Burgermeister (aka the Mayor aka the Master of Ceremonies). Thus, I went crazy. Absoulutely insane. Dancing around and singing and getting people to come up and participate. I honestly believe that I must have been temporarily possesed by the spirit of a long dead Teutonic mayor. But that's just me.

SAT Tomorrow and then the Crime and Punishment Log! Fun fun fun....

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
9:46 pm
W & M (re-visited)
So yeah I'm listening to opera. Good stuff...

Tomorrow I'm going to this William and Mary leadership conference. It'll be from Friday to Sunday, so I don't believe I'll be posting for a while (unless there are internet terminals there :-)

Packing up my stuff,
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, September 25th, 2005
8:32 pm
William & Mary
Walked the grounds of the ancient campus today. I must say that the foliage was beautifully stunning. And of course, all the glorious statues. It was not too far from our house (1 hour). I am definitely considering going there. After going around the place, we went to St. Bede's church. It was pretty kick ass (for a church), and so many people were worshipping there. The mass was more like some protestant praise service, and the music was quite lively. The cantor reminded me of Mr. Johnston. Anyways, when we came back, I checked my messages and it turned out that I had drama practice today. Oops.

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
10:33 pm
Another Day with Lil'uns
Yep, went back to old P-Town Catholic today. This time, I played "Johnny Appleseed" and read the Kindergarteners and 1st graders a Johnny Appleseed book and played Johnny Appleseed bingo and watched a Johnny Appleseed cartoon and played more Johnny Appleseed games and ate apples. Fun fun fun!

Quilpa out

P.S. Oh yeah, I have a crapload of reading to do. Crime and Punishment is an alright book, but I just don't like the log. Bleh!

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
8:39 pm
A Day with Lil'uns
Just a note guys: Go see "Lord of War." It's a great film (albeit spiced with sex, drug use, nudity, and loads of violence). Despite some of its shortcomings, I do believe that it can serve as a forum for truly deep philosophical discussion. No, seriously!

It's been the 3rd day of our "unexpected holiday" from PC. I thought to myself, why not make the best of it? So, I decided to get some volunteer hours done by going to my old school, Portsmouth Catholic. Volunteered at the Kindergarten and First Grade classes, and I admit, it was loads of pre-pre-pre-adolescent fun. So much singing and dancing around. And the kids! The kids just crowd around and want to tell you everything, I kid you not. It was pretty funny seeing my old teachers. Mrs. Ianni for one (she brought up the time I got in trouble during lunchtime when I stole her bananna and proceeded to eat it; in my defense: I was really hungry at the time), Mrs. Basnight too. Anyways, Mrs. Campbell (Kindergarten teacher) had me dress up in a smock and hat and come as the M&M Man cause the Kindergarteners were learining how to make graphs using M&Ms. Later, Ms. Henry (1st grade teacher) had me read to the 1st graders and paint with them. Like I said, loads and loads of pre-pre-pre-adolescent fun. Ignorance truly is bliss. After that had forensics practice at Mrs. Sears' house and played a card game with Nick called "Hell." Hilariously funny. Anyways, now I'm here. Quite a denoument, huh?

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, September 16th, 2005
11:16 pm
Busy Day for SCA (RAISED $4500!!!)
A promise is a promise. Of course, I knew that if I ever became prez, I would have to do something. The past couple SCA administrations had been quite forgetable. I intended to leave some sort of a legacy to all future SCA administrations long after mine. But I know that it sounds totally lame. Is it so wrong to care for something as corny as that? I mean, it is only high school. Why should I care so much? I really cannot say.

So anyways, day started off with the Hurricane Katrina relief tag day. I am so blessed that my fellow officers are actually willing to work. Props to Piske, Mike, and Ashley! And, oh yeah, Mrs. Cones and Mr. Pollard.

Physics wasnt so bad. I mean, the test sucked, but it wasn't too bad. At least we'll be seeing the last of Wrensock (dunno how to really spell his name, but this is the phoenetic spelling). Tolkien class was the bomb; we finished The Fellowship of the Ring. Of course, Brian and I, like the nerds we are, just had to start quoting lines in the movie. Favorite line: "FIND THE HALFLING!!!" -Lurtz the Uruk Hai captain.
Computer programming was great. Ate in class, and as usual, Reynolds didnt seem to notice. At homeroom, had to run elections, sell some tickets to some concert (forgot the singer's name) and count all the money we raised. Once again, the guys pulled through. WE RAISED nearly $4,500!!!!! Of course, Mrs. Barneyback gave the biggest contributions: a check for $1000 and another for $750. Never figured HER to be a HIGHROLLER!!!! AP English class went by slowly. Had major writer's block, but at least Nia, Brian, Fogle, and Kasey were there to talk to. Fogle kept on declaring "balls." Great.

After school, drama practice (hoo boy, fun never stops, eh?). One word: tired. The Twisted Alice in Wonderland play is great fun, but there's just so much in it. I can only hope that everyone can get their lines down. Speaking of which, I have 3 scripts as of now to memorize. 1 is the Twisted Alice play, 1 is "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol," and the other is a scene from "The Producers" (That's for forensics). No rest for the weary...EVER!!!

I want to sleep
Quilpa out.

Current Mood: pleased
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
2:28 pm
Yesterday at Bay Days
I think we are all reminded about September 11 and what those terrorist bastards did on US soil. Never forget, guys. Never forget....

Bridget invited me over to Bay Days, and so of course, I could not turn the offer down. Rode with the brothers Chalkley. Went all the way to Hampton doing 90 (as usual) to the rendezvous point at PC. Then we proceeded to Bridget's house at Hampton. It was pretty funny seeing her pugs. Of course, Eddie had the nerve to compare my face to them. That kid..... Anyways, Katie and Tiffany eventually came, and then we all went to Bay Days. Parkings was such a bitch! The guy charged $20, which is insane. We passed by all the vendors and saw a lot of alumni. There were too many to remember, but I do remember seeing Jason Delugos, Jenna Weiss, Beth (aka Chipmunk), and Dean Wallace. Phil and I went on one of those tilt a whirl rides. The g-forces on that thing..... Got home around 12, which was alright. So yeah, a busy night indeed.

Quilpa out.

Current Mood: contemplative
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